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Book #1 in The Roland Longville Mystery Series
Genre: Mystery • Author: Timothy C. Phillips
Trade Paperback: Standard Print, 184 pgs. $13.99
Trade Paperback: Large Print, 266 pgs., $16.99
eBook: Apple, Nook, KOBO, etc., $4.95
eBook: Kindle, $2.99

Roland Longville is a private investigator with a weakness for the underdog. This time around he's working on two cases at once. Longville searches for a college co-ed who is missing in Birmingham's seedy, drug-infested north end; and he's after a small-time hood who has gone into hiding with an old friend's money. When two rival mob bosses send gunmen after him, he realizes somebody has set him up.

Timothy C. Phillips was born in a small town at the foot of
the Appalachians, the youngest of seven children. He has attended
colleges in Alabama and Louisiana, and holds degrees in English,
Forensics and Political Science. He lives in Northeastern Alabama,
where he writes and dabbles in music.
    —Author's photo by Chris Colvard.