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Genre: Mystery • Author: Charlie Vogel • Cover: Rickey R. Mallory
Revised Edition, printed September 2008
Trade Paperback: Standard Print, 240 pgs., $14.99
Trade Paperback: Large Print, 348 pgs., $15.99
eBook: Apple, Nook, KOBO, etc., $4.95
eBook: Kindle, $2.99

Bob Norris witnessed his wealthy wife's murder in a convenience store and knew it wasn't coincidental to the robbery. Leaving his job as an art teacher, he moves into the slums of Pecatonica, Nebraska, to team up with a one-armed man and a streetwalker to find his wife's killer. Review: To Find a Killer by Charlie Vogel, August 27, 2009
"Prepare yourself for a wild ride when you open the pages of To Find a Killer and follow along as Bob Norris puts his life on the line to unmask his wife's killer. You might think there could be nothing likable about a public school teacher living off his wife's wealth, a disfigured convenience store worker, or a pimp-abused prostitute, however, after mystery writer Charlie Vogel's expansion of their characters and backgrounds, you will think you know this odd threesome and truly care about their destiny.

"In one fateful moment, Bob's mundane life in the western suburbs and his job as a teacher turns upside down and he takes on a harrowing existence on the seedy side of town. In his move to a life in the lower class, he unwittingly pulls two acquaintances up from the bottom of civilization and into his world of amateur sleuthing. Bob learns quickly that life on the streets can be dangerous, if not fatal. He relies on his strange new cohorts to guide him in the ways of the street and to assist him in finding his wife's murderer.

"If you like a good thriller mystery you will enjoy the three main characters and the story line in this tightly constructed, well-thought-out crime drama."— James M.M. Baldwin "Jim" (Omaha, NE).
About the Author: Charlie Vogel is a Navy veteran of the Vietnam War,
and a retired Coast Guard Reserve Petty Officer and Omaha, NE police officer.