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Author: Verity Norton • Cover: Mary Sue Roberts
Genre: Book #4 in the McCullough Romance Series
eBook: ePub edition soon
eBook: Kindle edition, $2.99

Alex McCullough Jameson knows he screwed up . . . again. He's back in San Francisco in his high-rise condo, trying to care about his law practice. But all he can think about is Canden Valley and the girl next door, the rough and tumble stallion-taming cowgirl he left behind.

Cassie Callahan is furious—not only at Alex Jameson because he had the nerve to visit his family and stir up old feelings, but at herself because after all these years, she's still in love with him.

Once Alex admits who he wants in his life, he returns to Canden Valley to go after her. But Cassie has other ideas. She might be enjoying her time with the man she never stopped loving, but she sure as hell isn't going to give him her heart again.
Trying to win back the girl he left behind is like trying to tame the most spirited stallion in the countryside. Not only is Alex trying to regain her love, but he's trying to win her forgiveness for his past failures and choices. But the real challenge, he realizes, isn't winning Cassie's forgiveness, but his own.

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