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Genre: Book #3 in the McCullough Romance Series
Author: Verity Norton
Cover: Mary Sue Roberts
eBook: Kindle, $2.99 • ePub Edition soon

Matthew McCullough is in denial. He claims he wants nothing to do with Arielle Bradford. He tries to convince his overgrown family of cousins to lay off and let him be the bachelor he's determined to be. The problem is convincing himself. When Matt's wife left him and their children eight years ago, he swore he would never fall in love again. But things change when the beautiful and wise psychologist comes to Canden Valley to help with her best friend Sophie's wedding.

Despite his attempt to appear aloof, one greeting hug reveals an undeniable attraction. But both are fighting ghosts from the past—Matt's in the form of the ex-wife who abandoned him, and Arielle's in the form of guilt for having survived to live a happy, healthy life when her beloved brother couldn't.
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Verity Norton is a native Californian, but when she moved to an island in the Pacific Northwest she fell in love with rainy days and the island lifestyle of reading and writing by candlelight and depending on a woodstove during power outages. She also writes children's books, young adult, contemporary fiction, and mysteries under the name Felicity Nisbet.

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