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Book #1 in The Jenny McNair Cozy Mystery Series
Author: Felicity Nisbet
eBook: Apple, Nook, KOBO, etc., $2.99
eBook: Kindle, $2.99

Jenny McNair Campbell is sometimes reluctant assistant to her father, Charlie McNair, Scotsman, trumpet player, professor, ladies' man, and private detective. Her father involves her in another of his cases. Her world is turned inside out as she spies on members and family members of the divorce attorneys down the hall from her own husband's law firm. When the subject of her investigation, Amy Morrison, drowns in her hot tub, Jenny's father wants her off the case, but she refuses to quit.
About the Author: Felicity Nisbet is a native Californian and a graduate of the University of California. She has lived up and down the coast of California. It was when she moved to an island in the Pacific Northwest that she fell in love with rainy days and the island lifestyle of reading and writing by candlelight and depending on a woodstove during power outages. She also writes children's books, contemporary fiction, and adult romances.